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It's amazing what you can do with a REP injection press!

Click on the images below to see examples of parts in areas as diverse as the household equipment sector or the military industry, the leisure industry or the agriculture: chicken-plucker, washing machine window gasket, masks, overboots, etc


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What about you? What's your project? 

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Whatever your business, we have the right press for you!

See a detailed example: Take a look at the V710 in details, the ideal solution for molding large washing machine window gaskets.

Are you seeking a partner that will find the right technical solution for your production environment?

REP has selected for you partners who offer the most powerful industrial solutions.


Technological Partners

Flow of viscous, thermal, mechanical and hydraulic fluids, software, etc...,
REP is continuously monitoring and researching new developments in various fields, evaluating their potential and undertaking additional development.


logo Beaumont Beaumont Technologies focuses on optimizing melt delivery systems for the injection molding industry.


logo AFICEP AFICEP is an association to promote and develop the rubber and polymer industry


logo Elastopole Rubber and polymers competitiveness cluster



SIGMASOFT: 3D simulation software for rubber injection moulding logo Sigma



Machinery Manufacturer

Cooperation between REP and TUNGYU

logo Tungyu

The world number one in vacuum compression machinery, Tung Yu is a major player on the Asian markets, and also a supplier to leading western manufacturers.

Tung Yu has allowed REP to develop a new range: the RT9, combining the qualities of both partners.


logo Laselec

As the global leader in the laser industry for wiring and laser cleaning, LASELEC designs and manufactures high-quality machines used in demanding industrial sectors: high performance laser wire markers, laser wire stripping systems, interactive wiring boards… LASELEC has also used its laser expertise for the development of a rapid and efficient alternative to traditional solutions for cleaning industrial parts and rubber/polymer injection molds: the MLC 500 



Mold makers, automation system manufacturers and compound suppliers


From the design of the mold to the automation of the loading and removal of parts, REP maintains close links with dependable and highly effective service providers from various countries (France, Italy, Germany, USA and Canada).
Read below to find out some of them (other addresses on request):


logo Dixence

Dixence : French moldmaker
65, rue d''Ancenis 44110 CHATEAUBRIANT Tel. 02 40 07 88 94


logo SDC

63 bis, route nationale 69330 PUSIGNAN Tel. 04 72 05 10 73



logo AkromoldAkromold: Canadian moldmaker



Logo A&C MoldA&C Mold: American moldmaker




Logo Tecnistamp mouliste italien


Tecnistamp: Italian mouldmaker 


Logo WEAWEA Werkzeugbau für elastomertechnische Anwendungen: Stripping kits

Join the community of thousands of users in the world who have chosen authenticity with REP injection molding machines!


How Genuine ?


  • Historical manufacturer of injection molding machines, REP has been selling injection presses  since 1948.

  • The design of the REP injection unit enables elastomers within a large range of viscosity and hardness to be easily fed and injected. This is without equal on the market.


The 5 Commitments of a World Leader in Rubber Injection Machines:

Read the interview with Stéphane Demin Market Development Director 



Business sectors 


REP presses are mainly used in the automotive industry for producing anti-vibration systems and sealing applications. But they are also used in areas as diverse as the pharmaceutical industry, the household equipment sector or the agriculture. Click the icons ton the right to see application examples.


To face a growing demand of dual-injection presses in recent years, the REP company has gained solid expertise in bi-compound injection and has developed an exclusivity: the dual-compound multistation machine (CMS in G9 and CMX in G10).

Thanks to various partnerships, we have extended our product range and now offer compression presses, thermoset and composite molding presses, machines for mold cleaning and rubber devulcanizing machines.


Expert Guidance at your Fingertips

  • 50 years of experience
  • over 12,000 presses installed in the world
  • a unique understanding of injection molding

REP is in an excellent position to advise you on your injection process!

More info:


Stéphane DeminInterview with Stéphane Demin
Market Development Director

Stéphane Demin, according to you, which are the principles upon which REP's reputation was built


I would say that 5 basic principles have built the company''s reputation.

 REP is a specialist organization

First, REP is a specialist organization. Our group handles the design, production, marketing and after-sales service of both
rubber injection and rubber compression molding machines.
Our knowledge of the product and the market is the first guarantee of our capability.

 REP operates worldwide

Our group has established a worldwide network of subsidiaries and agencies designed to ensure a strong local technical and marketing presence.
This second point was decisive in acquiring our leadership position.

 REP provides innovative and open-ended solutions.

Thirdly, the Group devotes all of its potential to the improvement of technical solutions at the same time as ensuring maximum compatibility
with the customer''s existing equipment. 

REP's continuous objective is total quality

Our success depends on the satisfaction of our customers throughout the world.
The achievement of this satisfaction is the continuous objective of our policy of on-going quality and improvement of the products and services provided by the REP GROUP.

REP works in partnership with its customers at every level.

Our mission is to remain at the service of our customers over and above providing them with a press.
We assist our customers throughout the life of the equipment.
We also act as partner when it comes to technical decisions, process simulation and all the trials required to ensure the quality of the finished product.



With over 45 years experience of building rubber injection machines, we put our know-how to work for you! 

We are also a supplier of solutions for the thermoplastic and polymer industries

Take a look at the products and services we offer through these web pages!


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Which press is best suited for your production process?

This module offers two decision-making tools allowing for the economic modelling of a rubber molding production and the calculation of the production cost of a molded part..


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