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Model 51

  • Closing force: 800 to 1750 kN
  • Diameter of heater plates: 1200 mm
  • Opening stroke: 2427 mm
  • 2 molds
  • Raw tire I.D.: 13-20 inch
  • Mold E.D. (max): 1020 mm

Main advantages

  • Low space requirement due to compact construction
  • Energy efficiency (servomotor)
  • Accurate loading and unloading with bumper function
  • Easy access for mold changing or maintenance


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REP’s expert know-how at optimized cost: 

The G10 Core line belongs to the G10 range  "Infinitely Smart".

The G10 Core machines are tailored to uncomplicated processes.

The G10 Core machines are G10 presses with all core functionalities

Efficient hydraulic unit

  • High efficiency motor
  • Energy-efficient variable displacement pump
  • Closed-loop control
  • PID temperature control on heating areas 

3-step closing unit with clamping block system

  • Same opening stroke whatever the mold thickness
  • Optimized stiffness for mold closing and sealing quality
  • Optimized floor space, ergonomic working height
  • Optimized kinematics allowing for cycle time reduction due to high-speed movements


Equipped with a REP patented injection unit, an intuitive and user-friendly 17’’ color touch-screen and a powerful process-control, bearing CE-certification, G10 Core presses are intended for customers who want uncomplicated solutions.  


The G10 Core is available with clamping forces from 1 600 to  5 100 kN 

See the product range overview

rubber injeciton presses  REP  G10 core


Request the flyer:

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Please be aware that your message won't be read immediately. Due to time zone difference, please allow 24-48 hours to get your mail replied. In case of emergency, you better phone us!

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  • Laser displacement speed from 4 to 50mm / second
  • Electrical power supply: 208 V / 240 V, 20 A, single-phase
  • Laser class 1 (no specific protection)

  • Monitoring screen 12.1 inches
  • Incl. pre-programming software (separate supply)
  • Standards EC and FDA

  • Size of parts or molds: : 690 x 505 x 150 mm (L x w x H)
  • Cleaning useable area 575 x 410 mm 
  • Maximum cavity depth 60 mm
  • Maximum permissible weight: 160 kg

  • Service temperature between +15°C and +40°C
  • Storage temperature between +1°C and +45°C
  • Cooling water circuit required

  • 12 months warranty

  • Optional equipment:
    • Telemaintenance via internet
    • Core rotation for cleaning

REP Net 4.0

REP Net 4.0 fits into Industry 4.0 and provides

  • Cycle traceability (set value, measured value, SPC calculation)
  • Mould settings transfer and centralizing
  • Help for production management, workshop modelling
Take a look at Repnet 4.0 in detail!



Mobile app to be alerted in real time on the status of the workshop!





REP viewer 4G

Allows remote connection to the press screen, remote control of the HMI and software update (via TeamViewer).
Can be used by the After Sales Department from REP for remote assistance or by the customer for remote assistance between different plants.




Bar code or QR code reader to make sure the correct compound is used.
Records the batch number or operator code and store it with the REP Net 4.0 cycle.





Allows to export via USB key the parameters and data associated with the injection molding process (screen shots, mould parameters, fault lists, etc.).





Connects the press to an automation system (using Euromap 67 protocol).




REPWattmeterMeasures the instantaneous consumption of presses and records the energy per cycle, per part, per hour, per day or per production.
Traceability linked with REP Net 4.0.





Modelling of the production cost and calculation of the cost price of a part produced.
Possible simulation of several scenarios to hold all keys and choose the best solution.

Free download here




REPPredictPredictive maintenance system:
• Monitoring of internal parameters of the press
• Systems use intensity information
• Detection of wear and variations
• Anticipation and targeting of the maintenance




The whole machine documentation is available and accessible directly on the press HMI.





Free programming of the specific cycles by the user.






The pdf documents are available and accessible on the press HMI. (instructions, mold drawing, pictures, mold assembly procedure, …)

Documents linked to the mold can be transferred via REP Net 4.0 or using a USB stick.


With over 45 years experience of building rubber injection machines, we put our know-how to work for you! 

We are also a supplier of solutions for the thermoplastic and polymer industries

Take a look at the products and services we offer through these web pages!


REP Cost Advisor : The Smart Choice!

Which press is best suited for your production process?

This module offers two decision-making tools allowing for the economic modelling of a rubber molding production and the calculation of the production cost of a molded part..


  • License: Freeware
  • Available languages: French English German