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A team of engineers working on the design of custom-built molding presses is at your disposal
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Maintaining your presses, optimizing the performance of your operators and your presses, ensuring the success of your new operations and the transfer of your facilities, these are all our tasks to be completed
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Laser Mold Cleaning Machine
The best solution to remove rubber or release-agent fouling residues!







It's amazing what you can do with a REP injection press!

Click on the images below to see examples of parts in areas as diverse as the household equipment sector or the military industry, the leisure industry or the agriculture: chicken-plucker, washing machine window gasket, masks, overboots, etc


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What about you? What's your project? 

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Whatever your business, we have the right press for you!

See a detailed example: Take a look at the V710 in details, the ideal solution for molding large washing machine window gaskets.

REP international

A World Leader in Rubber Machinery

A 100-year-old success story!

The REP company has been selling injection molding machines since 1948. Very early on, REP understood the importance of polymers and elastomers to industry and decided to specialize in the rubber injection technology.

Key Events and Dates of REP's History



patent REP Robert Esnault Pelterie



Our advantages ?

"Exclusive solutions and an international network of sales and aftersales agents"


Our core know-how?

"A high-technology range of vertical and horizontal rubber injection molding machines"



Our motto

"Rubber in Motion"


Our philosophy

"Using new ideas to achieve sustainable productivity"


... and before that?

Founded in 1907 by Robert Esnautlt Pelterie, an aviation pioneer and a major theorist in the field of astronautics, the initials REP were first used as a plane logogram until the company turned to the metal industry.

Know-how in rubber injection molding
Want to learn more?

Read the book "Robert Esnault-Pelterie, du ciel aux étoiles, le génie solitaire" (From sky to the stars, a solitary genius) by Félix Torres and Jacques Villain (Publisher: Confluences Editions)


REP international: Supplier of solutions for the thermoplastic, polymer and rubber industry! 


Joint Stock Company (French "SA")
RCS Lyon : B 400 131 801
Headquarters: 15 rue du Dauphiné, 69964 CORBAS, France
Phone Number: +33 4 72 21 53 53

Issued Share Capital:
2 500 000 Euros



International group with 7 subsidiaries and about 30 agencies worldwide, REP is a member of the World Trade Center of Lyons.

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • U.S.A
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Russia
  • India

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ISO 9001 certification

LRQA logo

Read more about our Quality Management System 

Chief Executive Officer:

Bruno Tabar, REP international Chief Executive Officer

Mr Bruno Tabar

Join the community of thousands of users in the world who have chosen authenticity with REP injection molding machines!


How Genuine ?


  • Historical manufacturer of injection molding machines, REP has been selling injection presses  since 1948.

  • The design of the REP injection unit enables elastomers within a large range of viscosity and hardness to be easily fed and injected. This is without equal on the market.


The 5 Commitments of a World Leader in Rubber Injection Machines:

Read the interview with Stéphane Demin Market Development Director 



Business sectors 


REP presses are mainly used in the automotive industry for producing anti-vibration systems and sealing applications. But they are also used in areas as diverse as the pharmaceutical industry, the household equipment sector or the agriculture. Click the icons ton the right to see application examples.


To face a growing demand of dual-injection presses in recent years, the REP company has gained solid expertise in bi-compound injection and has developed an exclusivity: the dual-compound CMS.

Thanks to various partnerships, we have extended our product range and now offer compression presses, thermoset and composite molding presses, machines for mold cleaning and rubber devulcanizing machines.


Expert Guidance at your Fingertips

  • 50 years of experience
  • over 12,000 presses installed in the world
  • a unique understanding of injection molding

REP is in an excellent position to advise you on your injection process!

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With over 45 years experience of building rubber injection machines, we put our know-how to work for you! 

We are also a supplier of solutions for the thermoplastic and polymer industries

Take a look at the products and services we offer through these web pages!


REP Cost Advisor : The Smart Choice!

Which press is best suited for your production process?

This module offers two decision-making tools allowing for the economic modelling of a rubber molding production and the calculation of the production cost of a molded part..


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