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Take a look at our customised rubber presses:


This kind of machine is especially designed for molding parts including inserts and involving long production runs, such as housing seals


  • Closing force: 5,000 kN 
  • Dimensions of heater plates : 1500 x 630 mm
  • Injection capacity: 740 cm3 

 REP S05 Y10 press

Are you seeking a solution for dual compound injection?


dual compound injection of antivration mounts on V510 rubber pressThe V510 is the ideal solution for the production of thick antivibration parts.

  • Clamping force 3050 kN
  • Dimensions of heater plates: 500 x 630 mm (or 630 x 630 option)
  • Injection volume: 2 units of 1000 or 2000 cm3














V410 LSR

  • Closing force: 1,600 kN 
  • Dimensions of heater plates: 430 x 510 mm
  • Injection capacity: 740 cm3 

























Do you need a giant molding machine?

The S24 beats all records!

REP S24 press


Designed for the manufacture of high-voltage insulators (550 kV), this is one of the largest presses made by REP.

The dimensions of the parts to be injected explain the huge size of the press: 660 mm in diameter, 2,600 mm long, moulded in one go.

The production of a complete insulator takes place, therefore, in between one and four cycles, significantly increasing productivity and the reliability of parts.

The S24 exists in two versions: L50 or L100


  • Closing force: 24,000 kN 
  • Dimensions of heater plates: 1500 x 3000 mm
  • Injection capacity: 25,000 cm3 x 2 (2 injection units)   


Duplicate molding of cables under tension in the mold

press designed for rubber overmolding of cables designed for cutting stones|duplicat e molding

The S01 has been specially designed for that purpose !

This press is designed for a highly specific use: Rubber overmolding of cables designed for cutting stones.
The cables must be positioned in the mold in the stretched position, and overmolding takes place successively, “step-by-step”.

A mechanical choice dictated by the application

The “C-Frame” structure, with a 1,000 kN mould clamping force, has been tailored to this press, because this technology offers access to all sides of the mold – something which is essential for successfully undertaking this very special overmolding.

Injection and clamping are, therefore, performed via the top because the platen where the cables to be overmolded are distributed is highly accessible and at a constant level.

This area comprises a system, on either side of the mold, which clamps and stretches four cables simultaneously, thereby positioning them and ensuring the precision of the molded part.

The heating platen fitted in this press also comprises a special temperature regulation mechanism, so that two areas of the mold can be managed at different temperatures.


  • Closing force: 1,000 kN 
  • Dimensions of heater plates : 1000 x 500 mm
  • Injection capacity: 1000 cm3 

The dual-compound machine or multiinjection press

Equipping an injection molding machine with a second injection unit has become customary to REP on all types of machines in all configurations: injection from the top or the bottom, the back or the side.


The user's objective is to produce parts integrating several compounds of various characteristics. The goal consists in combining technical performances at optimized costs:

  • elimination of assembly operations
  • integration of a low-cost compound into a part, thus limiting the quantity of noble compound to the functional part only

The dual-compound injection principle can be adapted to all injection presses, regardless of the size of the closing units and of the injection units.


The production of dual-compound parts may be performed using:

    • Two sequential injections into two complementary cavities,
    • Simultaneous injection into two different cavities or in two separate part cavities,
    • Simultaneous (or offset) injection into one single cavity.


It is either possible to directly inject into the mold or through a special cold runner block (CRB) integrating several compound circuits.


Let's have a look at the dual-compound CMS: That's productivity, versatility and flexibility!

The dual-compound multistation machine (CMS in G9 and CMX in G10)  is an injection press with 4 rotating stations and 2 injection units.

It allows for the synchronous curing, stripping, and injection of 2 compounds in the same mold.


Much higher hourly production: gain in productivity of 50 to 100% compared to a single-station press of 400 tons.

Quick mould change (10 minutes for 4 moulds).


Possibility to disable a mold.

Ability to program different shot sizes.


Adaptation of the stripping station to various kinematics.

The dual-compound multistation press is not only dedicated to dual-compound injection: users can switch from simultaneous injection to sequential injection, or only use an injection unit if required !


The G9A Range

low-cost rubber injection molding machines, economic rubber presses


G9A Presses  



1600 kN


2600 kN




5100 kN

 Injection units        






















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Please be aware that your message won't be read immediately. Due to time zone difference, please allow 24-48 hours to get your mail replied. In case of emergency, you better phone us!

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The  RT9 Range  

budget range of rubber injection presses low-cost machines

  RT9 Presses


1000 kN


1500 kN


2500 kN


4000 kN


5000 kN 

 Injection units          

















The URP range (4-Column Machines)


inexpensive rubber injection molding machines, low price rubber presses


URP Presses  



1600 kN 


2600 kN


3000 kN


5000 kN

 Injection units        























The CEOs of REP international and Tung Yu 15 years technical and marketing cooperation between REP and TUNG YU

In late November 2004, REP and TUNG YU signed a two-point agreement:

REP became the sales and after-sales service agent for the TUNG YU compression range of presses for the world, with the exclusion of Asia. Thus REP offers its customers the possibility of accepting the TUNG YU offer, at low cost, of well made products, while relying on a local REP sales network and after-sales service.


REP and TUNG YU united their respective technologies to create a new range of rubber injection presses, combining REP's technical expertise in the field of injection with TUNG YU's low-cost know-how.

logo rep tung yu

The new range provides higher performance than the Asian manufacturers at competitive prices.