multistation rotary press REP rubber injection

The CMX (Compact Multi Station of the generation 10)


This new machine replaces the former CMS generation and makes the third generation of rotary machines with 2 major innovations


  • Integration of the process-control system of the latest generation (generation 10) with all 4.0 functions.
  • Product range with the CMX1 (160T clamping force) and the CMX2 (250T clamping force).


New generation of 4-station molding machines


  • 1 injection station
  • 2 curing stations
  • 1 demolding station.


The REP solution for large productions with optimal efficiency


  • 90% increase in productivity compared with a single-station press.

  • 68% increase in productivity compared with a press equipped with a double plate stripping kit.


The CMX machine is available with two clamping forces:  160T or  250T.

Take a look at the many advantages of the CMX! (video)


CMX flyer