An implementation in the sanitary industry


Compression presses in semi-cleanroom at Dubourgel-Grange's plant (France)

The company Dubourgel-Grange based in Fontaine, France, is known for the quality of their range of sanitary articles.

The production facility is equipped with a large pool of presses from 400 to 6000 kN clamping force with manipulators and robots. 


compression molding press 500 tons clean room wc seat and cover


In 2009, Tung Yu compression presses were supplied by REP,

among which three double-station TYC-22 presses.

  • Clamping force: 5000 kN
  • Plates: 800 mm x 800 mm.

These machines are used to produce high-end toilet covers and seats made in thermoset resin (urea-formaldehyde).

They are fully automated (loading and unloading robot) and operate round the clock, and often 7 day/weeks.