REP participated in the International Elastomer Conference from Oct. 8-10.

This year's show was held in Cleveland, Ohio - USA.


REP Corp showcased a few machines of our ranges 

  • the V410 Core from the G10 Lean range, a machine line for less sophisticated processes,
  • the Rotocure model and a compression press, the complementary offering manufactured by our partner Tung-Yu.

These machines are particularly tailored to the needs of the North-American continent.


Let's go back to the event with a few words from the President of the subsidiary REP Corporation, Jim Wirtz

" We are very pleased with the efforts of our leadership and development around the globe. REP is synonymous with quality, innovation and service. Our broad range of products has proven to fulfill our customers needs for decades.

With our recent move to Tennessee, our continued business and rapid growth remains high and our company continues to expand.  Finding knowledgeable, industry leading people to join our team to support our ever growing client base is one of our priorities.

The 2019 International Elastomer Conference  has showcased our team and product offerings very well. I want to thank our colleges at REP, our global partners and our customers for their attendance and continued support."




Substantiated by the feedback and thanks of the Vice-President of Sales of REP Corporation, Derek Williams

"Our continued growth is a result of your trust placed in us! REP Corp’s commitment to our valuable client base remains solid and time tested. 

Whether it is a leading edge product, process or after-sales requirement- REP Corp remains at your service. We look forward to after show follow-up and will visit you soon.

For our newest contacts gained from this show, thanks for stopping in our booth and the possibility of working together will be an earned one.

From all of us at REP Corp- THANK YOU. "