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How Genuine ?


  • Historical manufacturer of injection molding machines, REP has been selling injection presses  since 1948.

  • The design of the REP injection unit enables elastomers within a large range of viscosity and hardness to be easily fed and injected. This is without equal on the market.


The 5 Commitments of a World Leader in Rubber Injection Machines:

Thorsten JUST - REP InternationalRead the interview with Thorsten JUST Market Development Director 





Business sectors 


REP presses are mainly used in the automotive industry for producing anti-vibration systems and sealing applications. But they are also used in areas as diverse as the pharmaceutical industry, the household equipment sector or the agriculture. Click the icons ton the right to see application examples.


To face a growing demand of dual-injection presses in recent years, the REP company has gained solid expertise in bi-compound injection and has developed an exclusivity: the dual-compound multistation machine (CMS in G9 and CMX in G10).

Thanks to various partnerships, we have extended our product range and now offer compression presses, thermoset and composite molding presses and rubber devulcanizing machines.


Expert Guidance at your Fingertips

  • 60 years of experience
  • over 12,000 presses installed in the world
  • a unique understanding of injection molding

REP is in an excellent position to advise you on your injection process!

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