Are you seeking a partner that will find the right technical solution for your production environment?

REP has selected for you partners who offer the most powerful industrial solutions.


Technological Partners

Flow of viscous, thermal, mechanical and hydraulic fluids, software, etc...,
REP is continuously monitoring and researching new developments in various fields, evaluating their potential and undertaking additional development.


logo Beaumont Beaumont Technologies focuses on optimizing melt delivery systems for the injection molding industry.


logo AFICEP AFICEP is an association to promote and develop the rubber and polymer industry


logo Elastopole Rubber and polymers competitiveness cluster



SIGMASOFT: 3D simulation software for rubber injection moulding logo Sigma



Machinery Manufacturer

Cooperation between REP and TUNGYU

logo Tungyu

The world number one in vacuum compression machinery, Tung Yu is a major player on the Asian markets, and also a supplier to leading western manufacturers.

Tung Yu has allowed REP to develop a new range: the RT9, combining the qualities of both partners.


logo Laselec

As the global leader in the laser industry for wiring and laser cleaning, LASELEC designs and manufactures high-quality machines used in demanding industrial sectors: high performance laser wire markers, laser wire stripping systems, interactive wiring boards… LASELEC has also used its laser expertise for the development of a rapid and efficient alternative to traditional solutions for cleaning industrial parts and rubber/polymer injection molds: the MLC 500 



Mold makers, automation system manufacturers and compound suppliers


From the design of the mold to the automation of the loading and removal of parts, REP maintains close links with dependable and highly effective service providers from various countries (France, Italy, Germany, USA and Canada).
Read below to find out some of them (other addresses on request):


logo Dixence

Dixence : French moldmaker
65, rue d''Ancenis 44110 CHATEAUBRIANT Tel. 02 40 07 88 94


logo SDC

63 bis, route nationale 69330 PUSIGNAN Tel. 04 72 05 10 73



logo AkromoldAkromold: Canadian moldmaker



Logo A&C MoldA&C Mold: American moldmaker




Logo Tecnistamp mouliste italien


Tecnistamp: Italian mouldmaker 


Logo WEAWEA Werkzeugbau für elastomertechnische Anwendungen: Stripping kits