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  • Clamping force 1600 kN 
  • Dimensions of heater plates: 430 x 510 mm
  • Injection capacity: 1000 cm3


  • Clamping force 2600 kN
  • Dimensions of heater plates: 500 x 630 mm (or 560 x 630 option)
  • Injection capacity: 1000  or 2000 or 5000 cm3


  • Clamping force 3000 kN
  • Dimensions of heater plates: 560 x 780 mm (with T slots)
  • Injection capacity: 1000  or 2000 or 5000 cm3


  • Clamping force 5100 kN
  • Dimensions of heater plates: 630 x 800 mm (or 800 x 800 option)
  • Injection capacity: 2000 or 5000 or 8500 or 11000 cm3 


Y-type injection unit: a proven principle 

Separation of the plasticization and injection functions

Progressive start and stop of the extruder to prevent any risk of feed strip rupture

Thorough temperature control during all phases of the mixing operation.

3-stroke closing unit with clamping-block system

Compact and high-reliability solution 

Optimized floor space

Large constant opening stroke whatever the mold thickness

Easy maintenance

Stiffness ensuring optimum mold closing and perfect fit and seal

Cycle time reduction due to high-speed movements and optimized kinematics

Efficient hydraulics

Energy-efficient variable displacement pump

Closed loop control

Heating areas with PID temperature control and auto-tuning function 


The G9A Range

inexpensive injection press for rubber moulding, low price rubber presses

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G9A Presses  



1600 kN


2600 kN


3000 kN


5100 kN

 Injection units