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 "We view our customers as partners to share our know-how with! "

A comprehensive range of training sessions

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Considering that a poorly or badly trained customer will be less satisfied of his machine or will have to call the after-sales service more often, REP encourages its customers to have their personnel trained.

Every year, many people are trained throughout the world in REP''s facilities or on the production sites of the customers using well-defined programs and suitable pedagogical supports.

 "In 2021, the satisfaction rate of trained customers amounted to 93%." 

Location: Inter- or intra-company training

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The training sessions are held either directly in the customer''s plant or in the French head office of REP in Corbas, a few minutes away from Lyons, an opportunity for certain customers to discover Europe or France and to combine business with pleasure.
Lyons is the 2nd economic hub of France and the global capital of gastronomy.

REP's customers benefit so far from a technically detailed training, which is held in their language in an overall friendly and nice ambience in small groups.



The training sessions of REP held by specialized facilitators take into account all machine generations and configurations by alternating theoretical training in the class room and hands on training in the workshop with machines equipped with various options and different mold types.

Each trainee is handed over a training support document.  

Customized Training

All training courses proposed can be adapted to the customers' needs.

Access to the Training

The training courses can be adapted to people with disabilities. Please contact us for the appropriate proposal. 


More info:  See the Training Catalogue (pdf, 642 Ko) 

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The Performance Optimization Workshops

They are conducted by the Process Development team and address to the machine set-up engineers, mold set-up operators, mold designers, mold design draughtsmen, rubber injection plant methods managers. 

These training sessions of a duration of 20 hours (2 and a half days) shall train the customer in designing a mold by considering all features required for its dependable operation (PROCESS AND MOLD DESIGN), in better understanding the injection process and in optimizing the process (ADJUSTMENT OF THE MOLDING PARAMETERS).

More info:Consult the detailed programme