Let's start at the beginning... in Corbas


Located in the outskirts of Lyons, the company is easy to reach, just a stone's throw from an exit on the A46 or the Boulevard Urbain Sud, also accessible by public transport.

To learn more about the location of the company, see the access map.

There is no parking problem as a large private parking lot is available for all employees' vehicles. The outside environment is more than pleasant, with access to a wooded park, in fact some offices have a view over a green space populated by small bunnies where the works council sometimes organizes a festive outdoor barbecue.


Even if our building are not the most recent, they reflect our history, our know-how and our growth with successive extensions over the years.


One of the great advantages of the layout of the premises is the proximity between the offices and the workshop since all the teams are gathered on a single site. With a direct access to the factory and the production line, exchanges are simplified and it is easier for all company departments to get in touch.





We are very attached to our company canteen where you can have a complete meal for a reasonable price (less than €5) in a friendly atmosphere. The meals are prepared on the spot by a Chef from 1001 repas.


You can take a 45 min to 1hr lunch break. In addition to that, you can start early or late (7:30 am to 9:00 am) and finish early or late (3:45 pm to 5:30 pm) which will allow you to balance your family life or private life with your professional life more easily!