Main Options for Your Press

Quick-latch system on ejectors|for rubber injection press
Quick-latch system on ejectors

Optional equipment

REP rubber injection molding presses can be adapted to meet all the requirements and constraints specific to your type of production. You can choose from among different standard options :


Hydraulic Ejectors designed to synchronize several opening levels

Hydraulic Ejectors on rubber injection molding machines | synchronizationTwo side guiding rods connected through a rack and pinion system achieve synchronization. This system provides an efficient mechanical synchronization.



Quick-latch System changes

Quick-latch system for rapid mould change on injection molding machine | quick mold changeRapid mold change even when the mold is hot.



Sliding platen (for vertical rubber injection presses) for easier access

Sliding platen for vertical injection moulding machines | slide plateThese facilitate access to the lower part of the mold and manual de-molding operations.



Automated production (for vertical rubber injection moulding machines) with stripping kits to reduce the cycle time.

Stripping kit : automated demoulding on vertical rubber pressesSturdy, modular universal kits for vertical presses. They can be fitted with brushes for cleaning the cavity plates and devices which allow the use of double plate moulds or double lower moulds for demoulding parts in hidden time.



Adjustable brushes on horizontal rubber injection molding machines

Brushes for demolding on horizontal rubber presses

The position of the brushes can be adjusted to suit the clearance between the two mold plates. The brushes can be used after each cycle to clean the mould surfaces or to facilitate parts stripping.



These are the most common options, but we can provide many other options, contact us for further information!