Automated Solutions

Automated solutions by REP :Production Steps and Process
Automated Solutions by REP

Flashless Liquid Silicone Molding

Production Steps and Process

 With our customers' requirements in mind, we strive for new developments by offering turnkey solutions in line with the current concerns: driving industrial productions towards sustainable development!


The demonstration made with this application for fuel cell gaskets offers a standardized, easily configurable design for various applications.

 Based on this concept, REP wants to contribute, beyond automation, to sustainable development: transition to e-mobility and hydrogen, wasteless molding, energy-efficient solutions, flexible reusable means for increased lifespan. 

A fully automatic process !


A technically sophisticated configuration

  • Adaptation to the technically most sophisticated and demanding processes
  • Flashless, waste-free molding
    • Perfect and uniform clamping quality over the whole surface
    • Maintenance-free durability over time
  • Outstanding injection precision and exactitude granted
  • Stability and repeatability designed for automation
  • Low consumption (servo-motor - insulation)


100% robot-controlled and automated Production

  • "Plug & Automate" Concept
    • Easy to install
    • Highly flexible
  • Insert loading
  • Plasma activation of the molded surface
  • Part demoulding and receiving
  • Visual compliance testing


V410 Extended – 50 cm3 LSR

  • Automated cell made by REP
  • LSR dosing system
  • Flashless single-cavity mold
  • CRB with 4 shut-off nozzles



Application example

LSR Fuel Cell Gasket

  • Insert dimension: 290 x 160 mm (thickness 0.1 mm)
  • Specific stainless steel
  • Gasket overmolding
  • Low gasket thickness
  • LSR volume of the gasket: 3.1 cm3

 Watch a molding demonstration video
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Automated Solutions


Our driving force: find a solution for any type of application!

Partners with a proven track record in their field

Whatever the solution, REP is your turnkey integrator thanks to a broad range of solutions and a network of expert partners, all specialized in their fields.

Within the scope of our automated cell for the molding of fuel cell gaskets, we have worked together with:

LSR dosing system


Flashless mold


Plasma activation of the molded surface




CRB with shut-off nozzles


Automated cell



Our solutions in the field of automation will enable you to increase your profitability and improve the efficiency of your manufacturing process.

We are ready to address your future project needs, feel free to contact us !