Our Sustainability Promise

sustainability promise (CSR)

Our Sustainability Promise

What is CSR about ?

The CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) refers to all the practices put in place by companies so as to match the sustainable development principles, i.e.:

  • be economically viable,
  • have a positive impact on society,
  • but also better respect the environment.

This concept has rapidly become a significant concern of companies during the past years. The current climate crisis requires indeed a rapid and global change. Companies must choose to implement energy and digital transition, and this must be in line with a sustainable progress.


The Beginnings of our CSR Strategy

It all started with the certificate of commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility delivered by the French Union of Metallurgy Industries (UIMM):

Hervé Revel receiving the certificate of commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility at a UIMM ceremony

The second step consisted in estimating our carbon footprint

We assessed ourcarbon balance and started studying the solutions to be implemented for reducing our carbon footprint.

In the words of the Carbon Project Manager


Lucas Thiérot, Quality Control Department
As a manufacturer of rubber injection molding machines, our main CO2 emission source comes from the use of presses at the customers' sites, and precisely from rubber, which is subsumed under "scope 3: other indirect emissions".

Gas (55%) and electricity (17%), used to power and heat buildings, account for the highest energy consumption.

The insulation of our buildings becomes logically one of the first commitments we must take to reduce this consumption.
Lucas Thiérot, Quality Control Department


Our CSR Commitments

The REP road map encompasses multiple commitments

In the words of the Quality Manager

The REP CSR commitments aim at integrating social, environmental and ethical issues into the company's global strategy.
Some criteria common to CSR and to the ISO9001 certification, such as:

Catherine NGUYEN, Quality Manager
  • The recognition of the stakeholders' interest,
  • The employees' involvement,
  • A continuous improvement,
structure our strategy and ensure a more qualitative management.

Catherine Nguyen, CEO Executive Assistant