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RT9 rubber injection press| low-cost inexpensive budget rubber press for injection moudling
RT9 250

A Successful Combination for New Markets 

 RT9 presses combine the genuine injection technology of REP and the closing units of the TUNG YU presses, which means:

  • Y-type injection unit with separate extrusion and injection functions,
  • 2-stroke or 3-stroke closing unit,
  • proportional closed-loop temperature control.

RT9: These two letters represent an extensive line in the Entry Range: the "REP & TUNG YU" injection presses.

Main advantages :

Of modular design and reduced space requirement on the floor, the RT9 presses are ergonomic and easy to maintain thanks to their access from the back side. They are equipped with a CE cage for ultimate safety.

 With the adaptation of REP's injection technology to TUNG YU press frames, the RT9s are designed for two markets:

  • Traditional customers (European and North American) who, having relocated certain production lines, are seeking high-quality machines at lower cost;
  • Manufacturers in the "low-cost" countries who are looking to obtain more effective technical solutions for certain applications and at an affordable cost



The  RT9 Range  

  • RT9-100 : clamping force of 1000 kN
    Injection unit Y1000
  • RT9-150 : clamping force of 1500 kN
    Injection unit Y1000
  • RT9-250 : clamping force of 2500 kN
    Injection unit Y1000 or Y2000
  • RT9-400 : clamping force of 4000 kN
    Injection unit Y2000 Y5000/L5000 Y8500/L8500
  • RT9-500 : clamping force of 5000 kN
    Injection unit Y2000 Y5000/L5000 Y8500/L8500

Specific versions

Finally to complete the range, the RT9 exists in J-version and in an ergonomic version

  • RT9-Ergo: a 400t machine with lowered working height 

  • RT9-J :  a compact machine with sword-type fastenings to meet the requirements of the Japanese market.

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RT9 Entry Range