Devulcanization Machine

What does devulcanization mean?

The purpose of HSM (High Shear Mixing) consists in devulcanizing rubber waste for reintroduction into the production chain.

This patented process applies to any kind of uncontaminated rubber production waste.  REP has developed a machine dedicated to this process.


Reduced compound costs and elimination of waste disposal costs

  • No more logistics and waste collection costs
  • In-house management of the production cycle
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced cost per kg

Maintaining the compound properties

A thermo-mechanical process:

  • No chemical additives
  • The elements of the formula remain unchanged
  • Applicable to all types of rubber (except silicone)

reintegration of rubber waste into the production : double savings


Process Parameters

Temperature control and cycle settings for each compound:

  • Rotation speed
  • Direction of rotation
  • Pressure control


  • The installation and maintenance of the machine are supported by the REP network.
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Rubber Devulcanization