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Hervé REVEL, new CEO of REP international
Hervé REVEL, new CEO of REP international

Congratulations Hervé REVEL!

As of October 1st, the new CEO of REP international is Mr. Hervé REVEL.

With 25 years' seniority, Hervé REVEL has held a number of different positions since joining the R&D Department in 1998.

Well-known to our customers, he was for a time After-Sales Director before becoming Director of the Industrial and Technical Division and finally Chief Operating Officer. 

Our shareholders in the ARYES group have chosen to entrust him with the continuation of the REP adventure, which began over 115 years ago!

This change in continuity however opens up new prospects for the future with the development of 3 major projects: CSR, digital transformation and G11

  • The 11th generation of rubber injection presses currently under development is due to be unveiled at the K2025 trade show in Düsseldorf.
  • At the same time, we are pursuing our digital transformation, the first milestone of which was the switch to a new ERP system in 2021.
  • We also intend to implement a sustainable CSR approach in order to contribute to the challenges of sustainable development.

Staying on Course and Rising to the Challenge 

The collective adventure can continue!

There is no doubt that the entire management committee, staff and sales and after-sales network will do their utmost to continue the adventure and continue to guarantee the quality of the products and services we deliver to our customers.