Advanced Technology For Energy and Space and Cost Saving


Between 1997 and 2010, energy consumption on REP rubber injection molding presses was reduced by 70 %


Servo Dive & Drive is an electro-hydraulic solution associated to heat eco management.

It allows reducing significantly global energy consumption in the continuity of the efforts made by REP over the past 15 years.

 Reductions in energy use on REP rubber injection presses over the past 15 years

Advantages of Servo Dive & Drive

Low-energy consumption

  • Near zero water or powered fan requirement thanks to natural cooling of the pump
  • Reduced cycle time through better system responsiveness

 Improved Reliability

  • Optimal lubrication of mechanical parts
  • Very few parts in motion
  • Better aspiration

Easy maintenance

  • No need to empty the tank  Energy-saving | low energy consumption | heat eco management | noise level reduction
  • Simple mechanism
  • Very few hydraulic hoses

Noise level reduction

Ultra-compact solution with monobloc design